To set the standard of excellence for simplified roof management solutions, craftsmanship, and rewarding careers in roofing.

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Red Seal Certified Roofers Strata, Commercial, & Industrial

Robinson Roof Solutions offers tailored services for Building Owners, Property Managers, and Stratas overseeing Multi-unit Residential, Commercial, and Industrial properties. Our goal is to reduce the stresses of property management with streamlined processes and exceptional service, supporting our clients in retaining satisfied tenants and properties.

Refining a streamlined service experience

Established in 2015 and proudly serving Metro Vancouver, Robinson Roof Solutions (formerly Robinson Roofing & Sheet Metal) was founded with a vision to elevate the roofing industry for both clients and roofing professionals.

After decades in roofing, our leadership team brings a dedication to continuous improvement of our methods, prioritizing the development of streamlined processes. These processes deliver more efficient, top-tier services for clients while fostering safer and more fulfilling careers for our team.

Today, we are dedicated to providing Multi-Residential, Commercial, and Industrial roof maintenance solutions. Our services are tailored to meet the needs of busy building owners, property
managers, and stratas.

Our exceptionally qualified and committed team offers best-in-class emergency services, expert roof assessments, roof cleaning and maintenance, as well as roof repairs, and warrantied roof replacement services.

With a culture grounded in respect, collaboration, and continuous growth, we have an expanding team of industry leaders and craftsmen we are proud of. Guided by our original vision that set us on a transformative path, we remain committed to providing solid, dependable solutions for property management professionals and stratas.

Our Values

Client Centricity

We seek to understand the needs of our clients to deliver streamlined solutions that ease the stresses of property management.


With forward-thinking, clear, comprehensive, and consistent communication, we foster safety, trust, and outstanding performance.


We are on a quest for perfection – precise, dedicated, and passionate about our craft – no matter our role.


We all go home at the end of the day.

Our Team

David Robinson

Principal/Project Manager
David Robinson embarked on his journey in the roofing industry from humble beginnings. He worked as a cleanup helper for residential steep re-roofing jobs during summer breaks in 2003, at the age of 16. David transitioned into full-time commercial roofing work in 2006, and achieved the ‘Journeyman Certification for Roofing’ in 2010. His dedication to professional and personal improvement led him to establish Robinson Roofing and Sheet Metal in 2015, where he built a loyal client base by solving complex problems. He also led teams of 5-20 individuals on commercial projects during this time. In 2014, David expanded his expertise by obtaining a second Journeyman Certification in ‘Architectural Sheet Metalwork’. While fulfilling daytime responsibilities, he pursued evening classes at BCIT, attaining an ‘Associate Certificate in Construction Operations’. Beyond roofing complexities, he finds balance through activities like soccer, running, and strength training. David spends his free time focusing on enhancing his personal character, effectiveness as a father, and overall mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. As the Principal and Project Manager at Robinson Roofing since 2015, his commitment to quality, process, and accountability drives him to solve the most complex issues that arise on the roof. “At Robinson Roofing, our foundation rests on relationships, quality, and trust. We've adhered to unwavering standards since the very beginning, never compromising for short-term gains. I am committed to instilling and exemplifying this philosophy to everyone within my reach.”

Alex Wardle

Business Development/CFO
With an experience of 3 decades in creating companies that have high growth and a deep focus on the customers experience, Alex Wardle’s primary focus at Robinson Roof Solutions is to ensure that trust is built at all levels of their customer base. Being born and raised in Vancouver, he uses his days off work with his lovely wife and three kids, skiing and spending quality family time. He is devoted to continually sharpening the saw by taking as much training and schooling as he can, to develop his leadership and mentoring skills. Leading business development, Alex aims to see the company grow towards being the go-to option for roof related concerns.

Yana Demosten

Being in the strata roofing industry for over 6 years, Yana comes with the skillset and passion in providing excellent customer service. As a Client Relations Manager, she often works closely with Residential Property Managers ensuring that all the aspects of every project at Robinson Roof Solutions are executed to perfection. Leading with compassion and understanding, Yana works towards making sure that the needs of her clients are fully understood and executed. She enjoys leading her life with purpose ,both as a mom of 2, and as a committed partner to her clients. Yana’s Favorite Quote: "I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." – Maya Angelou
Service Manager

Stuart Rodgers

Service Manager
With two decades dedicated to the roofing industry, Stuart Rodgers is a Red Seal Journeyman roofer, and proud Service Manager at Robinson Roof Solutions. From his outset as an apprentice, Stuart swiftly ascended the ranks, evolving from a service leader to Production foreman, finishing up as a Specialized repair foreman before transitioning into his current Service Manager position. His comprehensive understanding of various facets of the building trades allows him to adopt a solution-oriented approach towards every project. With an in-depth understanding of the distinctiveness of stratas, he is cognizant of varied circumstances demanding customized service levels. With a commitment to diligently addressing the concerns of clients, Stuart is resolute in providing tailored solutions that align precisely with their goals and unique needs. On a personal note, he is a devoted father, finding joy in outdoor pursuits like hiking and kayaking. He mentions canoeing and portaging the Bowron Lake circuit outside of Barkerville BC as a memorable family adventure. He is also keen on supporting local businesses. As a Service Manager, Stuart believes in self-development and leveling up by achieving certifications in roofing, general construction, and business, ensuring that the solutions they provide at Robinson Roof Solutions are as enduring as the roofs they service.